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Step by Step Guide on WordPress Manually Installation Using cPanel/FTP

Step by Step Guide on WordPress Manually Installation Using cPanel/FTP

WordPress is the most widely used CMS these days. Many blogs, classified and web portals are built on it. It is also gripping its root in the eCommerce industry. A huge amount of online stores using it. But in this article, we are talking about WordPress installation. There are many different ways of installing WordPress but currently, we are focusing on WordPress Manually Installation using cPanel/FTP.

Step 1: Download WordPress package

First, you have to download the WordPress package from the WordPress official website.
(Note: Always download the latest version.)

Wordpress Official Website

Step 2: Uploading WordPress file on your server

In the second step, you need to upload downloaded WordPress package on your host server. There are many ways to upload WordPress package to the server. You can upload the package directly using cPanel file manager or can use FTP.

cPanel File Manager

For upload package using cPanel file manager. Go to File manager from your cPanel home and navigate to “public_html” folder. If your site is a subdomain or an add-on domain then navigate to that folder (public_html/subdomain or public_html/your add-on domain name).

Upload wordpress.zip package into the mentioned folder and unzip it.

File Manager

For unzip right click on the zip file and select extract. It will show a popup with the directory where you want to extract. It always shows the current directory. So you do not need to change anything just click extract files.

unzip cpanel

For upload package using FTP. You need a FTP software like FileZilla. Connect the server by providing your FTP credentials. Unzip the WordPress folder and upload the files to the (public_html or public_html/subdomain or public_html/your add-on domain name) according to your setup. If you have cPanel access then you can upload the wordpress.zip using FTP and unzip it using file manager.


Step 3: Create a Database

As we know that WordPress uses MySQL database. In this step, we create a database for WordPress. For creating a new database go to MySQL database wizard from cPanel home.

MySql Database

Now follow the steps of the wizard.

1. In the first step give a database name and click next step.

MySql wizard step1

2. In the second step create a user for the database. Give the username and password and then click create user button.

MySql Wizard Step 2

3. In the third and the last step add a user to the database. The created user assigned to the recently created database and it will also ask about the user privileges here. Just click on the ALL privileges check box and click next step button.

MySql Wizard Step 3

Yay! the database is ready for use. (Note: Please note down the database name, user, and password. It will be required for the WordPress installation)

Step 4: Executing WordPress installer

We have completed all the prerequisite things to WordPress Manually Installation. Now we are ready for executing the WordPress installer script.

Goto http://yourdomain 0r http://yourdomain/wp-admin/install.php

Now just follow the installation steps.

WordPress Installation Step 1

WordPress Installation Step 2

WordPress Installation Step 3

WordPress Installation Step 4

WordPress Installation Step 5

WordPress Installation Step 6

That’s it! Your WordPress installed successfully and ready to use. After that just login to your WordPress admin panel and install the theme and plugins. If you guys have any question, feel free to leave a comment, I will get back to you.

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